Warranty Policy

1. Notwithstanding clause 11 of Axiom’s Terms and Conditions, Axiom provides a limited warranty for balustrades supplied by Axiom (‘Axiom Products’) that expires 7 years from the date of the invoice relating to the Axiom Products purchased by the Customer.

2. Axiom warrants that Axiom Products are free from defects in material and workmanship for one year from the date of installation. Within this warranty period, Axiom will, at no charge to the Customer, repair or replace Axiom Products which Axiom has determined to be defective in materials or workmanship.

3. This warranty will be void if the Axiom Products have not been installed in accordance with:

(a) the installation instructions in effect at the time of installation; or
(b) the Building Code of Australia; or
(c) technical or industry specifications; or
(d) any other applicable legislation or standards; or
(e) any other requirements specified by a qualified engineer.

4. This warranty covers Axiom Products fitted in original condition and does not extend to Axiom Products that have been changed or modified after their original supply by Axiom or have been installed with products which are not Axiom Products.

5. This warranty does not cover Axiom Products that have been:

(a) subject to abuse, misuse, neglect, negligence, accident or any other external factor outside the control of Axiom; or
(b) improperly maintained, operated or installed.

6. For the avoidance of doubt, this warranty does not extend to:

(a) glass supplied by Axiom; and
(b) without limiting clause 6(a) above, glass affixed to or contained in Axiom Products.

7. This warranty does not extend to fading, crazing, discolouration or other cosmetic issues with Axiom Products.

8. This warranty does not extend to any powder-coating, anodisation, paint or laminate applied to Axiom Products.

9. The Customer must notify Axiom of its warranty claim (‘Warranty Claim’) in writing to claims@axiomgroup.com.au within 7 days after becoming aware of the Warranty Claim.

10. Axiom may inspect the Axiom Product subject to the Warranty Claim. If Axiom determines such an inspection is necessary, it will arrange (at its expense) for an employee or agent to carry out the inspection within 14 days after being notified of the Warranty Claim (the ‘Inspection’).

11. If an inspection is not required, Axiom may arrange to collect the Axiom Product subject to the Warranty Claim or request that the Customer returns the Axiom Product subject to the Warranty Claim to Axiom (the ‘Returned Product’).

12. Axiom will not pay the costs of labour for the removal or installation of Axiom Products the subject of a Warranty Claim or shall be liable for damages or loss as a result of such claim.

13. Within 14 days of:

(a) carrying out the Inspection; or
(b) Axiom collecting the Axiom Product in accordance with clause 11; or
(c) Axiom receiving the Returned Product in accordance with clause 11,

Axiom will determine and notify the customer in writing as to:

(d) whether the Axiom Product is defective; and
(e) whether the Axiom Product is covered by this warranty; and
(f) what action, if any, it will take with respect to the relevant Axiom Products.

13. A capitalised term used in this warranty and not defined has the same meaning as set out in the Terms and Conditions.