Remedial Balustrade

We offer a complete solution from design, engineering and certification, sourcing, supply-chain management and project management. Leveraging our catalogue of proprietary systems and 20 years of experience, our end-to-end capability enables us to be agile and work with each project's individual challenges.

Remedial Balustrade

Ensuring the structural integrity of a building is paramount, especially when it comes to replacing outdated or unsafe balustrades.

This involves thorough assessment, strategic planning, careful material selection, and the execution of a cost-efficient and feasible solution. By addressing deficiencies and implementing compliant upgrades, the safety and longevity of the building are upheld.

Our Process


Assessment & Planning

Assessment & Planning

Axiom design presentation to Owners Corporation

Axiom will collaborate with all relevant stakeholders in the project including Owners Corporations, Strata Managers, Investigative Engineers and Remedial Builders/Contractors.

This involves thorough examination of the balustrades to identify areas of non-compliance with current regulations or safety standards.

Based on this assessment, Axiom develops a comprehensive remediation proposal tailored to the specific needs of the projects.


Design & Engineering

Design & Engineering

Prototype balcony installed for client approval

Upon approval of remediation proposal, Axiom transitions to an extensive pre-construction phase aligned with the project's scope.

This includes detailed balustrade design and shop drawings, alongside the provision of samples, mock-ups, or renders, as necessary to secure approvals.

Engineering and final design certification completes this phase, ensuring the proposed solutions adhere to regulatory standards and client specifications.


Delivery & Coordination

Delivery & Coordination

Project completion

Once the designs are finalised, Axiom's skilled team will implement the production and delivery phase of the project.

They work efficiently to execute the scope of works, and coordinate production and deliveries in accordance with agreed programs and time frames.

Throughout the manufacture process, Axiom adheres to strict quality assurance protocols to ensure that the balustrades meet the highest standards of craftsmanship and safety.

Successful Remedial Projects

45 Broadbeach Blvd
Broadbeach QLD

Axiom's expertise was pivotal in revitalizing the balustrade system at Golden Sands Apartments. By designing, engineering, and supplying the specialized Lynfield balustrade system, Axiom addressed the challenges posed by failing and non-compliant structures. Through collaborative consultations and adept navigation of concrete slab constraints, Axiom delivered a tailored solution that not only met safety standards but also elevated the property's visual appeal, setting a new benchmark for excellence in balustrade design.

8 Admiralty Drive
Surfers Paradise QLD

Axiom's collaboration with 36 level Atlantis West Tower resulted in the creation of a bespoke glass balustrade system that exceeded expectations. By meticulously aligning with the owners corporation's design brief and engaging in extensive stakeholder consultations, Axiom delivered a solution that seamlessly blended safety, aesthetics, and functionality. The project showcased Axiom's ability to innovate and deliver tailored solutions that surpass client expectations, enhancing both the property's value and its occupants' safety.

Somerset House Condos
Chevy Chase MD, USA

Axiom's global reach was demonstrated in the renovation of Somerset House, Washington. By manufacturing and supplying a fully modular, pre-glazed balustrade system from its Australian assembly line, Axiom showcased its commitment to efficiency and precision. The seamless installation process, devoid of additional fabrication, underscored Axiom's ability to deliver innovative solutions across borders, setting a new standard for international balustrade excellence.

2 Lindsay St
Neutral Bay NSW

Axiom's dedication to tailored solutions was evident in the renovation of Neutral Bay. By designing, engineering, manufacturing, and assembling a fully modular balustrade system in-house, Axiom ensured a seamless integration with the site's concrete profile. The project exemplified Axiom's ability to deliver bespoke solutions that prioritise safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, setting a new benchmark for excellence in balustrade design and installation.

100 Pacific Parade
Bilinga QLD

Axiom undertook the comprehensive task of redesigning the balustrade system for 100 Pacific Parade. By meticulously designing, engineering, and supplying a new curved Frameless Glass Balustrade, Axiom aimed to replace the existing non-compliant and failing structure. The project's success not only ensured safety and compliance but also significantly enhanced the property's aesthetic appeal, providing a seamless blend of functionality and modern design.

20 Illawong Avenue
Tamarama NSW

Axiom's expertise was paramount in the successful redesign of the balustrade system at 20 Illawong Avenue. Tasked with designing and engineering a bespoke Frameless Glass Balustrade, Axiom meticulously crafted a tailored glazing channel to align with ongoing concrete repair works. The result was a structurally sound and visually striking solution that seamlessly integrated with the property's architecture, setting a new standard for safety and design excellence.

130 Pelham St
Carlton VIC

Axiom's involvement in the renovation of 130 Pelham St extended across the entire building fa├žade. Through meticulous engineering and supply of custom laminated glass with Saflex DG41 Structural interlayer, Axiom ensured not only structural integrity and safety compliance but also enhanced the building's aesthetic appeal. The project exemplified Axiom's commitment to delivering innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of each project.